In the heart of the splendid Douro Wine Region, where it all began, we proudly present the Douro Wine Region Half Marathon - The Most Beautiful Race in the World. This enchanting land is part of the World's First Demarcated Region, established by the Marquis of Pombal in 1756, when he founded the Companhia das Vinhas de Alto Douro. 

D. Antónia Ferreirinha, one of the most illustrious women in our national history, also left her mark on the region.

The race takes place amidst an indescribable landscape of extraordinary beauty, known as the Hanging Gardens, due to the imposing terraces carved into the schist of the Douro mountains. The region is so fascinating that it was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2001.

The Douro River, the vineyards that surround it and the breathtaking views from the local belvederes captivate souls in search of happiness.

Recognized as The Most Beautiful Race in the World, the Douro Wine Region Half Marathon promises to continue to be one of the most emblematic sporting events on a global level. Join us on May 28, 2023, in Peso da Régua, and experience the magic of this unforgettable race.

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